organic prWhen you search Google (or any other search engine) you’ll see two types of results. Organic search results (also known as “natural” search) are the results that Google gives you based on what it thinks you really want to know. Paid search results appear because someone paid to show up in your search results – usually because they have a product or service that they think you’ll be interested in, based on what you decided to search for.

Organic PR takes that concept a step further, and uses content marketing and social media to place your brand in front of consumers in an entirely organic or natural way. Your brand is simply there – where your consumers are naturally looking for you. Instead of paying to show up to the party, you’re the host or sponsor of the event.

When your brand is relevant to a consumer, they naturally interact with you, learn more about you and eventually purchase your products. Organic PR allows you to benefit from greater click-thru when consumers are searching for something that you offer as a product or service, increase brand awareness and positive brand sentiment, and lower the cost of conversion.

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