We Build SEO Foundations

  • Technical SEO – WordPress makes much of the drudgery of SEO work a thing of the past. But regular reviews of your web site for technical issues need to be done – and often fall behind because they can be tedious and time consuming. As part of our monthly services we provide these regularly. We also generate XML site maps and other analysis/plugin management as required.
  • Search Engine Optimization — We believe that your SEO strategy and your overall marketing strategy are interwoven. Each month, we work from our strategic editorial calendar that is developed every six months with your team. Every post on a social media platform, each data analysis point and every anchor text change all connect to the strategy you have laid out for the business.
  • Keyword Research & Selection – Your industry knowledge combined with our expert content development team allows the keywords most likely to generate growth to be targeted quickly. Regular reviews of performance and efficient rewrites allow you to repurpose old content as required. Our team works closely with your team to identify hot topics and issues that need coverage on your web site and in your social media. Keywords that become saturated can be changed or redirected as needed.
  • Image Management – SEO for the images on your site is important, and we integrate that keyword management with the overall strategy for your site.
  • Content Management – Keyword tagging is performed as new content is uploaded to the site, eliminating the need to edit content, have it optimized for SEO and then upload and proof as separate steps.



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