Competitive SEO (B2B)

Research the Competition – We believe that following the competition and being one of the pack is a poor strategy, but it is still crucial to know what your competition is using to market their services and how your company stacks up in a variety of performance points. Your SEO strategy will incorporate the challenges and advantages of your brand and industry. Your brand awareness and brand sentiment will rise in the key areas we identify as unique advantages, while still performing well in more traditional searches.

Lead Generation – Each industry and brand has unique lead generation cycles, and your SEO strategy should be focused on shortening those cycles and reducing the cost of lead generation. Our team can help you test lead generation strategies while also studying the SEO ramifications of A versus B landing pages or social media focus groups – and then apply that knowledge to your overall content marketing strategy.

Analysis – Content-driven SEO and marketing connects all the dots and no one piece stands alone. Every month, we help you analyze performance in multiple areas (B2B, direct-to-consumer sales, engagement, etc.) and apply numbers to the pieces of your overall strategy. Depending on your goals, you might want to see an even budget allocation of consumer, B2B and retail growth. Or, while keeping other channels steady you might be trying to grow B2B engagement. We provide custom reports that let you track how budget increases in one area assist or make another area more difficult. Our team does not run the same set of reports for each client and leave you to track results. Your reports will be specific to your goals and strategy and we will comment and elaborate on areas of specific importance to the overall strategy and budget.


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