benefits of organic prYour brand benefits from the power of Organic PR in many ways. Working hard to be relevant to your consumers means that you know what they really want, and can offer products that are more attractive, at the right price, in the right retailers at the right time. Instead of paying to obtain data about what a market research company thinks your customers are telling them, you are talking directly to your customers every day. Your data is more current, more detailed and more useful to you.

Your budget also benefits from cutting out the middleman. Traditional marketing and SEO optimization work on the premise that data useful to your industry/organization/brand must be purchased and then broken down into objectives. Then you have a department that works on your web site, your ads, your marketing, your SEO and even writes for you – all as separate pieces of the equation. Social Media is typically housed in yet another department. Organic PR brings everything under one umbrella with one central strategy – driven by content and social engagement.

Organic PR is not passive – it’s actively engaging your target audience and having a two-way conversation. Because you’re earning trust, solving problems and giving your expertise to customers every day, conversions are higher and the cost of lead acquisition drops.

In other words, you sell more and drop the total cost of your marketing budget at the same time.

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