In preparation for a social media class recently to a local Realtor, we did some research. There are some excellent examples on the web for Realtors who are savvy enough to be using social media well. It’s an industry that typically doesn’t do much with social media, so in the name of inspiration we  want to provide a few links and guidelines to get you started.


If you haven’t heard of Pinterest, it’s the current social media darling. It’s exceptionally well suited for real estate because it’s so visual. And, it’s addictive. Successful marketing of yourself as a Realtor depends on staying in contact with your base, and Pinterest is a fun way to build that relationship. If you have questions about how to set up your account, read this and pay special attention to how Pinterest links to your Facebook account. If you use Facebook as a person and also have a business page, make sure you understand how to set up both pages before you start.

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Google+ is probably the best thing you can do for your SEO and connect with your buyers/sellers at the same time. Your posts on G+ directly influence Google search, so posting regularly and smartly can make a big difference on how often you come up in the sea of real estate sites and ads. If you’re not on board with Google+ you should be. Public Google+ posts count as websites now, as far as search is concerned, and many searches for content are now going through Google+. There’s bad and good here, but since you can’t change it, developing a strategy and making the best of the situation is advised.

If you’re not convinced, here’s information specific to why Google+ is worth it for small businesses .

Google+ for Real Estate Agents

LinkedIn Group for Realtors devoted to Google+

How Google’s New Alogrithm Affect Real Estate Websites

Here’s a handy guide to setting up your Google+ page for business.

Getting on Board with Google+ — This article has good explanations of how the various features work.

Have you been using Google+ with little or no results? It might be your content. 4 Warning Signs Your Google+ Account Needs Work.

Since Google+ will play an important role in SEO and search for your brand, make sure you understand how to use Google effectively to drive traffic. This is an excellent primer: Getting A Look at Trends with Google Insights.

If you haven’t checked out Ripples, learn more about them here, and then see how well your content is being shared.



It’s probably less obvious how Twitter can be helpful to real estate marketing because so much of real estate marketing is based on personal networking. Once you understand that Twitter is personal networking, just faster and easier and a lot more direct, the power of Twitter should be more exciting.

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Facebook is the most popular social network for real estate agents, and you’ve no doubt gotten some guides on how to use it from trade channels. You probably even have a page or profile set up. Facebook is also very crowded and the search there is very difficult to use, so don’t count on clients searching Facebook to find you easily. You have to figure out how to make your content interesting and relevant.

We suggest making a mini editorial calendar and posting about a variety of topics, local events and information that your clients will be interested in reading even if they are not in the market to list or buy a home. Follow successful agents in other markets and network with local companies — and limit self promotion.

Also, optimize your page’s timeline. It’s an excellent way to keep relevant topics at the top of the page and you now have a large cover image to work with.

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